Acting the Words is Enacting the World
In collaboration with Hồng-Ân Trương and the Acting the Words is Enacting the World Collective (Robert Cipriano, Christopher Ferrieiras, Matthew Kim-Cook, Cindy Liang, Israel Giovanni Martinez, Andrew Persoff, Camilla Yvonne Romano and Evalise Salas)
Workshop, Performance, Installation with Videos, Screen-printed Posters, Recorded Sound Interviews, and Zine

What are the possibilities for us to make a meaningful living wage for ourselves? Is it possible to engage in an art project that transmits and reveals the relations produced in the process of making? This collaborative art workshop aims to explore the possibilities through an experiment in actions and words.

We began with Theater of the Oppressed strategies, collected and formalized by Augusto Bóal, and then further developed them with our participant collaborators, students (age 18-25), to explore poetic gestures that express nuanced dissent against economic structures that over-determine our daily interactions with one another. These students were from various socio-economic backgrounds and lived across four boroughs in NY. In our two-week collaboration, we conducted daily workshops to raise a series of concrete questions about the economy and encourage the students to articulate their lived realities within capitalism. The resulting installation and performances explored the possibilities of what could be by enacting potential, imagined realities.