To Learn a Language
Performance with Cassette Tape Recorder

I use the simple device of a cassette recorder to create a language learning tape in real time. Beginning with a seemingly innocuous series of questions, my responses on the second round of recording reveal hidden narratives of gendered power inequalities, geopolitical struggles, and family trauma through a constant shifting of subject positions and subtle nuances of tone.

This project is related to Flashcards for a Counter-Occupation:

Flashcards for a Counter-Occupation
Pen on Paper

Flashcards with Vietnamese words related to the Japanese occupation of Vietnam during WW II. The words are based on my mother's recounting of the event and the famines that resulted from the Japanese forcing Vietnamese farmers to grow grass for army camouflage instead of rice.

Let's Focus on What Makes You Feel Bi
Offset Print, Black and White, 2-sided
Edition of 500
26" x 26"

Let's Focus on What Makes You Feel Bi is a series of quotes gathered, synthesized, and presented as an invitation for further mutation and distribution. Quotes are borrowed from Max Montalban, Trinh T. Minh-Ha, and Gilles Deleuze.