White Light/Black Noise is a series of interviews with participants who grew up in bilingual or multilingual households, delving into how language is bound up in their sense of identity, belonging, perceptions of the world, and places in geopolitical histories. Ngo guides the participants through workshops using bird calls as scores for performative uses of their languages.

While the concept of white light is more familiar, black noise is the technical term for silence, but also describes a range of sounds that are just beyond human perception, thus asking what we might be missing when we are not attuned to what is not plainly visible.

Participants include: Yangchin Li, Thuy-Han Nguyen-Chi, Luis Alvaro Sahagun Nuño, Richard Gessert, Adrian Pijoan, Sunita Prasad, Faisal Aswat, Sarah Khalid Dhobhany, Puja Singh Patel

Above: Video version of Thuy-Han Nguyen-Chi’s interview, translated by the participant and Jakob Winkler.