In collaboration with Hồng-Ân Trương

“What? A million pounds of bombs. A million pounds of bombs.
Well, no, they can bomb the bejesus out of us all over North Vietnam except in the Hanoi and Haiphong area.
Goddam, that must have been a good strike.”

Truong and I read the transcript of a well known recorded phone conversation between Richard Nixon and Henry Kissinger from April 15, 1972 in which they strategize the continued bombing of North Vietnam. Reversing pronouns so that I's become you's and we's become they's etc, subjectivity is confused, and the absurdity of language points to the irreconcilably cruel logic of the situation.

White Rhino
Super 8 transferred to Digital Video
Color, No Sound

Digital video
Color, No Sound

Self Science Research Institute
In collaboration with George Monteleone
Three Digital Video Commercials, Website
Color & Sound
Total runtime: 05:40

SSRI, or the Self-Science Research Institute, is a fictional company dedicated to creating devices that ease social anxieties. Among their products are the Self-Monitor, a device that plays back sound after a short delay, the Self-Rememberer, which analyzes and warns you of your emotions based on facial expressions and brain waves, and the Other Monitor, which mediates all visual and aural input through recording devices.

Made in 2005 and meant as an exaggerated parody, the videos have proven prescient to contemporary technologies that mediate our realities and interpersonal relationships, monitor our bodies, and provide constant feedback to how we appear to the outside world.