Huong Ngo - The Voice Is An Archive

The Voice is an Archive
Three-Channel Digital Video
Black & White, Sound

With Phương Mai Nguyễn, Hồng Ngô, Phoenix Chen, and Hương Ngô

Documentation of a performance in which Ngô, her niece, and her sister are attempting to replicate a recording of her mother's singing. The title proposes a reimagining of something as bodily and temporal as the voice to carry the weight of history, culture, and information as an historical archive. It is also a reclaiming of the imperfect, non-fluent, and incomplete as a body of knowledge of importance and interest.

The bilinguals (Carolina Chickadee)
Two-Channel Sound Installation
2016 - Ongoing

The Carolina Chickadee is bilingual in certain parts of the US, meaning that it can speak both its own dialect and that of its close cousin, the Black-capped Chickadee. In this two-channel sound installation, inspired by the ability of this tiny hero, a mother and child speak to each other in different languages, mimicking the way that immigrant families often communicate. While making themselves understood, this type of cross-speaking reveals the gaps in language, the potentials of bilingualism, and the loss that immigrant families often endure.